Areas of Emphasis for SCWI

Activities focus on:

  • Curriculum alignment and pathways to college
  • Pre-service teacher preparation, teacher staff development and teacher internships
  • Awareness and promotion of college programs beyond college outreach programs currently in place

Forums focus on:

  • Helping to build bridges of understanding and communication across the two sectors
  • Supporting communication between colleges or applied arts and technology and their neighboring district school boards
  • Addressing issues of regional and/or local concern
  • Supporting Activities and Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credits focus on:

  • Assisting secondary students in the completion of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Successful transitioning to college and apprenticeship programs
  • Students facing the biggest challenges; disengagement, underachieving
  • Under-represented groups; aboriginal, ELL, FSL, FGS, Crown Wards, Special Education, students who have been out of school

School Within A College

School Within a College
SWAC students attend a college campus five days a week and work on their OSSD credits with a high school teacher. The SWAC also have the opportunity to take up to four dual credits. SWAC programs are available at Fanshawe, Lambton and St. Clair .

OYAP Dual Credits

OYAP Dual Credits
In partnership with the Colleges and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, OYAP students have an opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements with co-operative education and Level 1 apprenticeship training.

Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Programs
Students in the Dual Credit program take courses on a College campus on scheduled days during the school year. Students who successfully complete Dual Credit courses receive a high school AND the appropriate College credit(s).

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