Lambton College Dual Credits

Arboriculture and Chainsaw Practices
College Course Code: AAT 1103            
The chainsaw is one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment used in the arboriculture industry. Knowing proper maintenance and operation techniques can greatly reduce operator danger or hazards. The course concentrates on care and use of chainsaws including necessary daily maintenance routine repairs and adjustments, and ensuring those adjustments are functional and safe.

Baking and Pastry Techniques
College Course Code: FOD 1113        
This course will prepare the student for entry level positions in the foodservice and hospitality sector. The skills gained by participants will enable them to gain employment and/or an employer sponsor to access the Cook Apprenticeship program. This course allows the student to demonstrate basic baking skills required in a bakeshop.  A focus on grasping the procedures and predicting the chemical reactions of the ingredients will be a gained skill.  Students will demonstrate the ability to prepare quick bread, leavened dough, pies, cakes and a variety of custard items.  All practical application labs will be hands on, allowing the student to feel, not only duplicate, the proper method (small and large quantity).

College Course Code: CJP 1203             
This course provides an examination of various theoretical explanations of criminal and deviant behaviour. Students have developed a general understanding of human behaviour and the relationship between the individual and their social environment through introductory courses in sociology and psychology. This course applies the concepts and understanding acquired in those courses to the study of crime, criminality and criminal behaviour. Criminological theory is related to various types of criminal activity and the reality of crime in Canada is examined through crime statistics and correlates of criminal behaviour. The impact of theory on the development and effectiveness of the criminal justice system is discussed with an emphasis on future trends within the system.

Guiding and Outdoor Skills
College Course Code: CPS 1003             
CPS 1003 introduces the learner to the cultural and social dimensions of Stewardship (partnership), Custodianship (governance) and Sustainability (maintenance) as these apply to the relationship of human beings to their environment, to each other, and to the world at large. Incorporating Community-Partner Specialists and discovery learning activities students will explore habitat and ecosystem relationships, resource use and management (Eco-tourism and Adventure Guiding), sustainability, individual and group wellness.

Styling and Cutting Techniques
College Course Code: HAIR 0043        
This course provides the high school student with a view of learning hairstyling techniques and services both theoretically and practically in a salon atmosphere. The student will work with professional products, tools and equipment allowing them to observe, feel and experience the skilled trade of hairstyling.
This dual credit course will prepare the student for entry level positions in the hairstyling field and will provide a dual credit toward the hairstyling apprenticeship program. Students will learn to cut and style hair and interpret information from the client and hair analysis. Demonstrations will cover blunt, long and short haircuts using scissors and razors along with texturing techniques. The use of clippers and trimmers for facial hair will be demonstrated. Styling techniques on wet hair and dry hair will be performed. This course introduces techniques necessary to cut hair and to style hair to desired shape or style using a variety of styling tools to meet client requirements and specifications.

Intro to Residential Electrical Installations
College Course Code: ELC 1053     
The student will develop the knowledge to demonstrate the operation of common hand and power tools, install common switching devices, outlets and enclosures, correctly terminate conductors, and demonstrate the application of non-metallic sheathed cable and armoured cable through the installation and testing of fundamental domestic circuits. The student will be able to represent these skills, knowledge, and experience, realistically for personal and employment purposes.

Introduction to Mental Health
College Course Code: HGD 1053             
The intent of this course will be to promote students’ awareness of mental health issues and to help them develop their abilities to cope with challenges and stress.  Students will have a basic introduction to brain functioning as it relates to mental health and illness. An understanding of the factors that contribute to mental illness and the knowledge to identify when someone may be experiencing problems related to mental health will be included. Helping students understand the resources and the importance of seeking help for mental health problems would also be addressed. Promoting and reinforcing positive mental health and dealing with the issue of stigma will be an ongoing objective of this course. The course will provide a safe and responsive environment and protocol is in place for any students who identify a particular need of assistance or support.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding, Brazing
College Course Code: WEL 0153                
This course will cover the use of oxy-fuel processes for heating, welding brazing and cutting. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of oxy-fuel equipment safety, operating procedures and gases used.

Issues in Diversity
College Course Code: CJP 1103             
In this course students critically identify and examine issues in diversity.  Specifically, students focus on topics pertaining to inequality in various social settings, including but not limited to: race, gender, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.  Information concerning history, culture, heritage and contemporary issues relating to Canadian Aboriginal groups are discussed.  Incorporating social/legal explanations of diversity, students develop a clear understanding of the impacted groups and possible strategies of community empowerment.

Make-up Artistry and Application
College Course Code: SPA 3013                
Course content includes various professional makeup techniques and the latest products available.  Bridal, evening, daytime, corrective, glamour, and photography applications are taught.  Knowledge of the facial bone structure is conveyed.  Instruction on the proper shaping and tweezing of the eyebrows as well as artificial eyelash application is demonstrated by instructors and practiced by students.  Students learn and practice sterilization and sanitation procedures in accordance with Canada Health and Safety standards.

Play 1: Music, Art, Drama and Movement
College Course Code: ECE 1164                
This course will introduce participants to the Early Childhood Education program. The students will learn how to integrate creative experiences into their practical settings through hands-on experiences in art, sand, water, music, movement and drama.

Personal Wellness
College Course Code: PED 1073    
This course deals with health promotion strategies needed to make healthy lifestyle choices, to maintain or improve health and how to approach personal change. Wellness promotion and health maintenance are everyone's goal. Students require an understanding of the bio - psycho - social processes to keep well and knowledge of the interventions that will encourage wellness, promote activity, energy and life, even empowerment. Students will explore the philosophy of holistic health.

Digital Photography Techniques
College Course Code: DPH 1053            
This course is the introduction to digital photography fundamentals and will primarily focus on technical aspects with the intention on students gaining confidence in operating their DSLRs. The projects are designed to promote critical and creative thinking while encouraging the students to take a practical approach at photographing subjects that interest them.

Landscape Construction
College Course Code: OHA 1053            
The purpose of this course is to allow the apprentice to learn and practice the handling and installation of modular precast landscape paving and wall units and landscape timber wall components.

Renovation Tools and Techniques
College Course Code: RCT 1113                
This course, when successfully completed, will have generated the skills required to describe and demonstrate the proper methods and procedures for the use of hand and power tools according to industry standards of practice. The student will be able to set up and operate safely tools in common use in the renovation construction sector. Projects will be built requiring the use of these tools.

College Course Code: SPA 1013                
This course will provide the students with the practical skills required in providing manicures. Students will be required to demonstrate the steps in how to perform a manicure, from selecting the appropriate equipment and products, as well as polishing techniques. Students learn the anatomy of the arm, hand and fingernail, including nail disorders and diseases.  Students learn and practice sterilization procedures in accordance with Canada Health and Safety Standards.

Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities
College Course Code: DSW 1233
This course is designed to provide an overview of developmental disabilities, services, and supports. Examining key issues such as inclusion, integration, empowerment, advocacy and interdependence, students will gain the knowledge of what Person-Centred Planning is and how it effectively results in promoting community contribution and the development of natural, meaningful relationships. The students will also learn how our current systems have evolved by examining earlier eras in history. Ethical issues such as deinstitutionalisation, euthanasia, sterilization, sex and sexuality, parenting and punitive measures will be discussed, as will current laws and legislations which have been put into place to protect people with developmental disabilities.

School Within A College

School Within a College
SWAC students attend a college campus five days a week and work on their OSSD credits with a high school teacher. The SWAC also have the opportunity to take up to four dual credits. SWAC programs are available at Fanshawe, Lambton and St. Clair .

OYAP Dual Credits

OYAP Dual Credits
In partnership with the Colleges and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, OYAP students have an opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements with co-operative education and Level 1 apprenticeship training.

Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Programs
Students in the Dual Credit program take courses on a College campus on scheduled days during the school year. Students who successfully complete Dual Credit courses receive a high school AND the appropriate College credit(s).

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